Lightning Protection
Are You Aware of the Lightning Safety Tips because Lightning Will Strike!
July 29, 2017
Lightning Damage Can Cause An Industry To Shut Down! Find Out How
Lightning Damage Can Cause An Industry To Shut Down! Find Out How
July 29, 2017
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We all know surge protection system is used to protect electronic devices from “surges”. Surge protectors stop voltage spikes and surges from damaging our sensitive devices. But are they capable of protecting your devices from a violent, catastrophic burst of current from the sky? The answer is a resounding NO! Common surge protectors found in the market are not efficient enough. A household or an industrial facility requires surge protectors capable of handling high voltage spikes specially built for their requirement.

Surge Protection

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. the pioneers and patent holders of lightning protection systems using DAS technology, offer a range of surge protectors for commercial, industrial and residential purpose. Each product solves a particular challenge.

They have the AC power surge protectors:

Facility Guard – capable of handling up to 400,000 amps per phase, thus designed for industrial and commercial purposes.

Transient Limiters: they offer protection for lightning, power induction and power cross handling up to 100,000 amps.

Power DIN: with individually fused MOVs, these surge protectors are specially built to protect control instrumentation, PLCs, and industrial computers.

Pro-Line: this device easily redirects excess energy away from the electrical device, to the ground. It is mainly designed to withstand minor variations up to 85,000 amps and is perfect for a household.

Surge Protection

Signal Line and DC Power Protection

Data Line Protectors: these are interfaced between network equipment and data/signal/telephone lines.

Transient Limiters: these surge protectors suppress high voltage transients induced on an alternating current (AC) carrying power line. They provide 50,000 amps of protection in all modes and can be used for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

Coaxial Line Protectors: the coaxial line is used in residential and commercial applications, and there is always a lightning induced threat on these lines. LEC has patented gas tube protection.

Transient Eliminators: every electronic equipment, telephone, and data-processing system must be protected from transient overvoltage. This product provides up to 5400 watts of protection.

Surge protectors from LEC have excellent designs that offer more outlets at comparable prices. They offer peace of mind to everyone concerned about sudden power spikes that could hamper their business and destroy expensive electronics. This is one of the best investments against unlikely events like a lightning strike.

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