Grounding Rod Can Save Your Life
Grounding Rod Can Save Your Life
July 29, 2017
Chemical Grounding Rod Provides The Best Grounding Protection
Strike Back Before Lightning Damage
July 29, 2017
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You have taken the best decision of installing a lightning protection system like chemical grounding rod to your home. By doing this you know that it will protect people from electrical shock, help safeguard expensive electronic equipment, limit neutral to ground voltage and satisfy NEC along the way.

Now the big question is which is the best low resistant, high-quality grounding system?

First, let us understand the earth grounding system. It is the process of connecting the house electrical system to the ground. It helps carry unexpected electrical charges safely to the ground without harming any other source. For example, a lightning strike can easily send an extra voltage of electricity to different electrical components in the house thereby damaging them. With a grounding system in place, this damage can be easily avoided.

However, before you decide on the material of the chemical grounding rod, get the ground measured for resistance. This is an important criterion for selection of the coating on the grounding rod. A higher ground resistance condition can accept most coating types, while most rod coatings are subject to the aggressive condition when placed in a low resistance soil.

Soil PH is another important criterion to be considered. A soil PH at par or below 4 is particularly harmful. Being highly acidic in nature it can reduce the life reliability of the entire grounding system. A well-aerated soil with neutral PH is likely to cause limited corrosion of the grounding rod electrode.

Check out the Smart Ground Testing services from Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. Their results of the ground audit are highly accurate and the engineers give a very practical solution to improve the grounding system.

Grounding Rod

Their patented Chem-Rod Grounding Electrode is the latest electrode used worldwide. It provides a low surge impedance as well as low resistance earth contact. The ground augmentation fill is the key component that makes this Chem-Rod maintenance free, giving a longer performance, and ensuring best grounding connection possible.  It has a large conductive surface but takes up far less land mass and can easily replace 10 conventional grounding rods.

The Chem-Rod from LEC has been proven to be the best and most economical grounding solution.

chemical grounding rod

Contact LEC and transform your grounding system into a high-performance ground.

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