Client Lightning Protection Study – 1985 - 2017
Client Lightning Protection Study – 1985 – 2017
May 10, 2017
Chemical Grounding Rod Provides The Best Grounding Protection
Chemical Grounding Rod Provides The Best Grounding Protection
July 29, 2017
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A grounding rod has just one duty to full fill – to dissipate a static discharge voltage (like lightning) to earth, thereby stabilizing voltages from the power source. In other words, it provides an easy path for electricity to flow to earth should any problem occur like lightning strike, power surge, short circuit, etc. This grounding rod, if properly installed, can prevent fire, shock, and damage to human lives, electrical and electronic equipment.

Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. (LEC) addresses this critical issue by providing advanced testing services and superior grounding products that produce highly accurate results.

Now get your entire facility protected or just a part of it through their varied products.

Floating roof tank:

These storage tanks are highly prone to fire. Fortunately, effective protection that is beneficial, reliable and cost effective is not very difficult to secure. LEC’s Retractable Grounding Assembly 750(RGA 750) reduces the risk of fire, is easy to install and requires the least maintenance. It offers permanent, low impedance bond, preventing fires triggered by lightning currents.

In-tank grounding rod:

Non-metal and lined tanks like an aquarium can give you a shock, an electric shock. Prevent it by installing an In-Tank Potential Equalizer (IPE). It is safe, economical and corrosion resistant. LEC has manufactured this product specifically to combat the internal electrification problems inside tanks.

Home and other facilities:

Chem-Rod is the word. These grounding electrodes provide consistent, long-term, low resistance interface with true earth. They resist corrosion; take less real estate and uses fewer electrodes to achieve the necessary resistance. They release specially formulated minerals into the surrounding soil, ensuring an ultra low resistance ground. These Chem-Rods can replace up to 10 conventional grounding rods and some are maintenance free, making it the most effective and economical system.

Grounding Rod lightning-safety

Apart from these superior grounding products, LEC also offers a ground audit system – Smart Ground. They give practical recommendations on improving the grounding system while adhering to the IEEE/IEC standards.

Grounding Rod

From the award winning ‘Retractable Grounding Assembly 750’ to the patented Chem-Rod, LEC offers the best of products along with a full line of standard ground testing services and more, ensuring a solution tailored just for your needs.

Continue reading about lightning protection.

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