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Strike Back Before Lightning Damage
July 29, 2017
Lightning Protection Systems Are The Best Way To Protect  Against a Lightning Strike 1
Lightning Protection Systems Are The Best Way To Protect Against a Lightning Strike
July 29, 2017
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Did you know, with the ever changing climate and rising temperatures, lightning strikes are becoming more frequent? They are the single biggest cause of damage to electrical and electronic equipments, property and even human lives. With temperatures up to four times as hot as the sun, it’s no wonder that preventing lightning damage is necessary.

Lightning is produced in thunderstorms. It gradually builds up on electrical fields and once it is large enough, a giant spark occurs (like static electricity) between the earth and the ground. This spark is called a lightning strike. It may also occur between clouds and between cloud and air. But it is the strike between the clouds and ground that is damaging.

Here, the main aim of the electrically charged cloud is to neutralize itself with ground, thus seeking the path of least resistance. So it can be a tree, a building, an electronic device, a body of water or any other good conductor of electricity.
Yes, many trees have been a victim of lightning damage. We know that wood is a bad conductor of electricity. But the moisture between the bark and the wood, or the moisture concentrated within the center of the tree is very good conductor of electricity, making it the perfect path for a lightning strike to ground itself. Trees can be blown apart, debarked and in some cases the trees are not killed but the lightning damage exposes it to insects and diseases.
The safest place on earth is another favorable path a lightning strike takes. The gas and water pipes, electric lines, phone lines, cables and TV, and many more options are available to a lightning strike to ground itself or reach its destination.Lightning Damage

So how can we protect ourselves from Lightning Damage?

A lightning rod is the answer. It is the easiest and only known way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property from lightning damage. They collect the electrically charged cloud, preventing it from damaging your facility and discharging it to the ground safely.

And now this technology has advanced

Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. has revolutionized this technology. They provide innovative and patented products and services working in lines with charge transfer technology. In very simple words, LEC’s technology deters the electrically charged clouds from striking thus eliminating the risk altogether.

Prevent Lightning damage is now simple, reliable and inexpensive, and is brought to you by LEC.

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